Sunday, October 25, 2009

World's Coolest Cat & Dog Show Photo Contest

Hi folks! I'd like to ask a favor of my furiends. My furmily has entered several photographs in Catster and Dogster's annual "World's Coolest Cat & Dog Show" photo contest. If you click on the links below and vote "5 paws" for our entries, we would appurreciate it so much! Thank you!
Catster entries:
Curly (funny face category)
Rayna (best friends category)
Lalo (craziest tail category)
Dogster entries:
Pen (Best friends category, Best smile, and Tongue slobber categories)
Sasha (Naughtiest dog category)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A visitor

My pawrents have these two friends, Robbie and Lucy, who often doggy-sit for my dog Pen when my pawrents are out of town. And sometimes my pawrents return the favor by dog-sitting for their dog Kiki. (I posted a picture of Kiki in my blog of May 17, 2009.) You may or may not recall that Kiki is the doggy mom of my late canine sisfur Sasha. Anyway, I digress....
Robbie and Lucy are going out of town for a week, so Robbie came by this evening to drop Kiki off at our house. And along with Kiki, her doggy bed, food, chew toys, etc., they brought a kitten! Her name is "Rescue" and she is 13 weeks old. Rescue's biological mother is a feral barncat who lives on Lucy's property, and she abandoned Rescue when she was only one week old! So Lucy and Robbie started bottle-feeding Rescue. I'm not sure that she knows she's a cat; I heard that she likes to ride around on people's shoulders like a parrot! Oh well, efurryone has their idiosyncrasies. She seems like a pretty nice little kitty....She certainly purrs a lot! I guess I can put up with her for one week.