Monday, August 30, 2010

Another eBay auction!

Hi furiends! Time is growing short for this one. My mommy is thinning out her cat collection, and decided that she would be willing to part with this very unusual {giggle} kitty. The auction ends on Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 5:52pm PDT.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cute video, and Cat Hair Auction!

Greetings, furiends! I haven't blogged here for about four months, but I want to get the word out about a fundraising auction my mommy is holding on eBay which ends next Tuesday morning (August 3). This is kind of a funny story that you can read about on the auction page. It started out as a joke, but when a few people bid real money for my cat hair, Mommy decided to turn the auction into a fundraiser for The Cat House On The Kings no-kill animal sanctuary and adoption center. The high bidder will also receive a wallet sized photo and a 5" x 7" pawtographed photo of me playing the banjo! Below is the link to the auction, and also a link to a video that Mommy made showing my daddy with the kitties on a recent visit to the Cat House On The Kings. I think you will get a giggle out of both the auction and the video. Even if you don't bid on my auction (which is for a very worthy cause), Mommy and I would really appreciate it if you passed the infurmation along to a furiend. Thank you for your suppurt!!!

Link to auction page:

Link to video:
For some reason, Mommy couldn't get the link to the CHOTK video to work from this page, but if you go to YouTube ( and type "Cat House On The Kings" along with the word "calico" into the search box, it should be the first video that comes up.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purrivacy, purrlease!

My fellow fur-furiends, have you ever noticed that one of the down-sides to being a cat is that we have very little purrivacy? In my house, at least we have covered litter boxes, but that's little consolation when Mommy walks by the box, sees my head sticking out, and makes a comment like "Oh, what a good boy!" Sheesh! What does she expect me to do? Hoomans can be so condescending.

I've heard my hoomans complain that my sisfur Rayna spends too much time hiding under the bed. They think she is "shy". Did it efur occur to them that purrhaps she is merely seeking a bit of purrivacy? I myself tend to not spend much time under the bed, as I enjoy getting attention much more than Rayna does. I just wish it could always be on my terms.

The picture above is a case in point. There I was, sitting on my dog's bed (as the dog lay on the floor), giving myself a nice bath, when along comes Mommy with the CAMERA! I heard the shutter click, and stared up at Mommy in horror, exclaiming "Oh no you DIDN'T!" But it was too late. She did.

I wonder if I could bribe the dog to help me move his bed under my pawrents' bed. Rayna may be on to something, after all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Keeping Busy

It's happened again, folks; I have the best of intentions in keeping up my bloggy, but time just gets away from me. Of course, there is the staff to blame...My typist gets so preoccupied with other things. She really needs to rearrange her priorities.
I'll admit that I've been purrsuing some hobbies of my own. I love to check things out, just to try and figure out what makes them tick! My mom has this little battery-operated golden kitty (It's really plastic, but gold-colored), and it waves its left foreleg back-and-forth. Here's a picture of me trying to analyze why it does that. Mommy calls it a "maneki-neko" and says that it's a beckoning cat that is supposed to bring good luck. I don't know how that works. If I were to wave my foreleg around like that all the time, it wouldn't bring anything but a case of bursitis. Hoomans have some strange supurrstitions.
I've also been spending a considerable amount of time on my purrsonal grooming, which isn't the easiest thing to do when you have a curly tail. There are some hard-to-reach spots, but I try my best. I can tell from my dog Pen's expression in the attached photo that he is impressed. He should be...He could definitely use some help with his doggy hygiene. Watch and learn, Pen.
I hope my furiends in the east and midwest are all staying warm and dry during the terrible storms that have hit those parts of the country. My purrs go out to them and to their families.
Until next time, fellow furs, have a great month, and may your Valentine's Day be filled with love and catnip.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mysteries of Life

Well folks, the Mew Year is already two weeks old. I haven't blogged for nearly a month, but today I am purrpondering some of life's mysteries and thought I'd share my musings with you. #1
Why do dogs smell funny? (And I'm using "funny" as a polite word.) Cats don't smell funny. We smell normal, or downright good. Our dog lives in the same house that we do, so we can't blame it on environment. Whassup with the way dogs smell?
Why do dogs act silly, whereas cats are dignified? (Okay, so the photo doesn't back that up, but there's an exception to efurry rule.)

There are many more mysteries to life, but I'm getting tired from so much purrpondering. It's time for a nap.