Friday, August 28, 2009

The week in review

Hello, furiends! It's Furiday, and I thought I'd stop by and give you a recap of my week. The big excitement was that Mom took my puppy Pen to the vet on Tuesday. He was gone overnight, and when he returned, he was carrying less baggage than when he left. MOL! Mommy and Daddy say they hope it will help him to become a gentleman. Pen will turn seven months old next week. If you ask me, he has a long way to go before he becomes a gentleman, regardless of corrective surgery. But I must admit he is less hyper around me, and we don't have anywhere near as many wrestling matches as we did when he first came to live here. Good thing, too, because he's about five times as big as he was when he first arrived at our house.

Okay, enough about the dog. How do you like my extra-curly-tail picture? Mom took that photo a couple of weeks ago, but a few days ago she printed it out on her compooter and then put it in a frame and hung it on the bedroom wall. I feel SO honored! Mommy is really happy because now she and Daddy can both admire my picture efurry day. I'm not sure if Daddy shares my mom's enthusiasm...Mom didn't ask him.

Okay, what else is new? Well, I am checking in efurry day on my Facebook event page entitled "Purresident Curly's Town Hall Meeting". Attendance has really dropped off since I started the event, but I still check in frequently, just in case someone stops by. My furiend and Vice Purresident Princess Kitty came to the meeting yesterday. It's always good to see her.

Oh, I have a new blogging buddy! His name is Christopher
It was really funny because I just happened to read about him and thought he sounded pretty cool, so I invited him to be furriends on It turned out that he had seen my blog and had sent me a Catster furiend request right about the same time!! Talk about a coincidence! Obviously, we were meant to be furriends.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope efurryone has a super-duper weekend, filled with purrs and Temptations treats.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Purrlease vote fur ME!!

My dear furriends, I have great news! Even though my hooman messed up and missed the deadline for the Monty Q photo contest, Monty Q and his Mom Bean are very kind and are allowing me to be in the contest anyway! Thank you so much, Monty Q and MomBean!
I would so apurreciate it now if my blogging furriends would vote for either or both of my pictures! I have reprinted the instructions below on how to vote. My two pictures, once again, are in the "Full Monty" and "Monty Q" categories. (The "Full Monty" is where my legs are straight up in the air.)
Thank you for your suppurrt!!

Here's what you need to do, head over to the contest blog ( and peruse all of the entries. Then write down your favorite for each category and send them to You don't have to enter to vote, either -as long as you have a blog you can enter.

Best Monty Q and Full Monty
Viewer's Choice
Best Interpretation on a Theme (Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?)
Silliest Q! Category-sponsored by Parker & Co.
The Curly Q Tail CATegory is being handled by Victor, so send yer bribes his way. ;)
Voting will be open until August 31st, and MomBean can be bribed with powdered sugar doughnuts.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Purresident Curly's Town Hall meeting

For my furriends on Facebook, I have initiated an ongoing Town Hall meeting, where I will be responding to the concerns of my fellow catizens. Please note that this is a non-purrtisan forum. All cats are welcome to voice their concerns, which I will address to the best of my ability.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photo Contest

Today Mommy read about a photo contest on The Cat's Meow Blog. This contest has been going on for over a month, but Mommy just learned about it today. (Sometimes Mommy is kind of slow...) The contest is open to cats who blog, so I guess I'm qualified to enter. There are two main CATegories: "Full Monty" (cats laying on their backs), and "The Monty Q" (cats on their tummies with their hind legs outstretched). There are also sub-categories of "Silliest Q" and "Curly Q Tail". (I like the name of that last one!)
Mom sent in a photo of me in each of the two main categories. I doubt if I am seriously in the running for a prize because Mom sent my entries in so LATE. But it's still fun to show off for the camera.
Here is a link showing all the entries:

(My photos may not be on there yet....the reason being that Mommy was so LATE in entering them! Oh, I already mentioned that, didn't I?! MOL!)