Monday, August 17, 2009

Purrlease vote fur ME!!

My dear furriends, I have great news! Even though my hooman messed up and missed the deadline for the Monty Q photo contest, Monty Q and his Mom Bean are very kind and are allowing me to be in the contest anyway! Thank you so much, Monty Q and MomBean!
I would so apurreciate it now if my blogging furriends would vote for either or both of my pictures! I have reprinted the instructions below on how to vote. My two pictures, once again, are in the "Full Monty" and "Monty Q" categories. (The "Full Monty" is where my legs are straight up in the air.)
Thank you for your suppurrt!!

Here's what you need to do, head over to the contest blog ( and peruse all of the entries. Then write down your favorite for each category and send them to You don't have to enter to vote, either -as long as you have a blog you can enter.

Best Monty Q and Full Monty
Viewer's Choice
Best Interpretation on a Theme (Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?)
Silliest Q! Category-sponsored by Parker & Co.
The Curly Q Tail CATegory is being handled by Victor, so send yer bribes his way. ;)
Voting will be open until August 31st, and MomBean can be bribed with powdered sugar doughnuts.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I think you have a perfect Q! I'm heading over now! Your lucky your mommy got your pictures in. Mine didn't even take any of me.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Curly! I like yur name an tail! I don't fink we've met. I's Victor Tabbycat an I like to ::spin:: when I want sumfing. I also usually hold my tail way up so it curls ofur my back. My vet said I's prolly part sled dog, but I fink she was jokin. I hope she was jokin...
Anyway, I wanted to say HI.
~ Victor

Curly said...

Thank you, Mr. Hendrix and Victor!
Mr. H., I'm sorry your mommy didn't get pictures of you, but we all know you are very handsome.
Victor, it's nice to meet you! Your mommy just became furiends with me on Facebook!

Christopher said...

Hi Curly!
Thanks for commenting on my blog =)
Hey, I know Montoya and Morgan too!

I'll zip over later and vote for you.

I also think I just found you on says you got a really curly tail =)

Curly said...

Hi Christopher. Thanks fur stopping by! Your mom is right...My tail is naturally curly.