Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here we go again!

Well, Daddy caved in to Mommy's pleas and agreed to adopt another puppy. Daddy thought it was too soon after Sasha went to the Rainbow Bridge, but Mommy was so sad without a puppy around that Daddy finally gave in. (Actually, it was a little less than 3 weeks, but it seemed like a long time to Mommy.) I hope my kitty furiends won't consider me a traitor for saying this, but I have really been missing having a puppy around, too, and was glad to welcome a new pup into our home! Mommy and Daddy named the new puppy "Pen", after the Bill Monroe tune "Uncle Pen". (My pawrents are huge bluegrass mewsic fans.) I can't quite figure Pen out yet. When he is inside, I flop down in front of him and roll over, but I can't seem to entice him into playing with me the way Sasha used to do. I have a lot to teach this kid. Mommy doesn't usually allow me to go outside, but she did let me have a supervised outing this morning, and Pen actually did play with me for a minute! But then he lost interest and went to check out something else in the yard. I guess puppies have a very short attention span, so I'll have to be patient.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Honest Scrap Award from JFF

I received this "Honest Scrap" award from my friends at Jan's Funny Farm I'm supposed to tell ten honest things about myself. Well first, let me say "thank you" to the furfolks at JFF for honoring me with this award! I'm also supposed to pass the award on to some other furs, but that may have to wait as my staff is pretty swamped right now. (They just adopted a new puppy tonight...More on that in a future blog.)
For my ten honest things, I will say that
1. I could not hold my tail straight even if I wanted to.
2. I am more tolerant of dogs than my cat sibs are.
3. I think my wife Lily is very pretty... (no...make that BEAUTIFUL!)
4. I never miss in the litter box...If you see a mess, you can blame Stanley. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)
5. I'm a genial, all-around nice guy cat.

That's only 5 things, but my typist is soooooo tired. Maybe she'll help me type five more honest facts later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

When Two Catmoms Meet

Neither my mom nor my furiend Guido the Italian Kitty's mom live in Tracy, CA, so what are the odds that those two catmoms would find themselves in the town of Tracy on the same weekend?! But it happened! Guido's mom Judi was there to visit Guido's grandpawrents and uncle, and my pawrents were up there for my daddy's cousin's birthday party. So they found time to get together! My mommy told me that Guido's grandpawrents live in a wonderful old farmhouse and they have two giant Newfoundland doggies, and there are a bunch of colorful peacocks roaming the grounds! Guido doesn't get to go with Judi when she visits the family because the two giant doggies are not kitty-furiendly (although Mommy says that they are very people-friendly). But Judi shares lots of photos of Guido with his grandma & grandpaw on the compooter, so at least they can enjoy their grandcat through pictures. My mommy couldn't bring me with her, so she brought along my stuffed toy counterpart to stand in for me. That's toy-Curly in the picture of my mommy with Judi (along with a photograph of Guido), and my daddy in the background with a glass of dee-li-cious wine that Guido's uncle poured for him. Guido's family made my family feel right at home! They even fed my pawrents some of Guido's uncle's homemade chile rellenos, and gave them some delicious almond biscotti and a bag of huge juicy lemons from the tree outside their house. My mommy and daddy are mewsicians so they played a few tunes for Judi's family. It sounds like a fun time. Wish I could've been there! (or maybe not....Mommy says those doggies were VERY big!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you to Jan's Funny Farm for my award!

Wow! Not being the most computer-literate kitty (and not having the most computer-literate hooman), I totally misunderstood when the kind kritters of Jan's Funny Farm said they had something for me! They are actually sharing their "Kreativ Blogger" award with me! Whoo hoo!!! Thank you so much, Jan, Crystal, Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam. I feel very honored.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six things that make me happy

My furiends over at Jan's Funny Farm ( posted six things that make them happy. I would like to try this, too!

1.) Sitting on Mommy's lap while she's on the computer
2.) Being married to my gorgeous wife Lily (
3.) Getting my morning ration of Temptations treats. What a great way to start the day!
4.) Hanging out with my BFF Lalo (even though he does sometimes crowd me in one of the kitty beds.)
5.) Running outside and grabbing a mouthful of fresh blades of grass, before Mom catches me and brings me back inside.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My puppy is at the Rainbow Bridge

I know I complained about Sasha...She pretty much wouldn't leave me alone, always wanting to play with me. But I have to admit, I had gotten used to her, and was even enjoying our wrestling matches, especially since I always won. When it snowed here a few weeks ago, we had a fine time romping in the snow (although I pretended to be annoyed). Here is a link to a YouTube video of our romp:

So it was a shock last night when Mommy broke the news to me that Sasha was gone. She was barely four months old! She had been riding in the back of Daddy's pickup truck when I guess she got excited by a neighbor dog and tried to jump over the side. Her collar broke off, and Sasha landed under the rear wheels of the truck. Daddy is blaming himself, and he and Mommy are both so heartbroken. I am trying to comfort them, but I am heartbroken too. In my own kitty way, I had come to really love that dog.