Friday, May 29, 2009

A kitten??? For Mewing Out Loud!!!

Two months ago it was a puppy. Okay, I can handle that...Dogs are so goofy that it isn't difficult to teach them their place. But now....a new kitten? WTM?!!
The way my mom explained it is that their elderly neighbor Ray passed away last week, leaving behind several feral kittens that were born to two momcats who were dumped on his property. He and his daughter had hoped that my folks would take one of the baby cats. Of course, I hoped that common sense would prevail ... I was the last kitty they adopted; You would think that once I came into the picture, there would be no need for more cats. But my parents are sentimental fools, and took the kitten anyway "in Ray's memory". She already has her own Catster page: , and to top it off, they named her "Rayna" in his honor! That's a bit too close to "reina", the Spanish word for "queen". I hope she doesn't get any ideas that she is some kind of royalty! Pffftt!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another dog in the house!

My pawrents are dogsitting their friends' Black Russian Terrier for ten days! Kiki is the doggymom of my late puppy Sasha who went to the Bridge last March, so I'll admit that I have a little soft spot for her in my heart. But she is HUGE...Her head is about the same size as my entire body. Kiki seems to already be pretty well-trained when it comes to her manners around cats, so I don't have a whole lot of extra training to do... I can focus my efforts on Pen, who is still in need of a lot of serious attitude adjustment. I hope he doesn't corrupt Kiki before she goes home.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Auction to benefit Death Row kittens!

Purrlease check out this link:

This is an auction started by Donna, mother of the renowned Morgan the Pirate Gato. (Morgan's sisfur Apache is my brofur Stanley's girlfriend....but I digress....) Anyway, Mommy has a friend on Facebook who is a really nice lady named Patty. Patty rescued two kittens, Koda and Prince Geronimo, from a high-kill shelter in Georgia. The kittens need to be neutered and also need some veterinary care before they can go to their furever homes. Koda already has a home lined up, but it is in another state so some of the auction proceeds will help to pay for his airplane ticket. Please check out the auction and bid on something if you can. There are a lot of cute items, and you can get a good bargain while helping a most worthy cause!

Now I'm on Facebook!

What will Mom think of next?! Now she has opened up a Facebook page for me. Facebook doesn't allow "non-human" members, and they have been known to delete kitty profiles. But there are SOOOO many kitties with pages on Facebook, Mom decided "What the heck?" If they delete me, I'll still have this blog and my Catster page, so I won't be incommunicado. But I hope I don't get deleted. I always enjoy making new furriends. I have already joined a Facebook group called "handsome boy cats rule!!!!" (That was Mom's idea for me to join....I really don't have that big of an ego.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Guido's photo...Purrlease help him WIN!

My friend Guido the Italian Kitty is in a photo contest, and although there are over two-thousand entries, his photo and one other entry are way out in front, with about twice as many points as the entry that is in third place! It is very, very close between the top two photos, so every view counts. And you don't even need to register, or even cast a vote....All you have to do is click on the picture itself and it registers as a "view"; The photo with the most views wins! Let's help Guido to win, not only because he is a good furriend, but because his picture is really adorable! Here is a shortened link that should get you to Guido's picture: