Friday, May 29, 2009

A kitten??? For Mewing Out Loud!!!

Two months ago it was a puppy. Okay, I can handle that...Dogs are so goofy that it isn't difficult to teach them their place. But now....a new kitten? WTM?!!
The way my mom explained it is that their elderly neighbor Ray passed away last week, leaving behind several feral kittens that were born to two momcats who were dumped on his property. He and his daughter had hoped that my folks would take one of the baby cats. Of course, I hoped that common sense would prevail ... I was the last kitty they adopted; You would think that once I came into the picture, there would be no need for more cats. But my parents are sentimental fools, and took the kitten anyway "in Ray's memory". She already has her own Catster page: , and to top it off, they named her "Rayna" in his honor! That's a bit too close to "reina", the Spanish word for "queen". I hope she doesn't get any ideas that she is some kind of royalty! Pffftt!!