Sunday, November 30, 2008

I understand Serbian!

My human brother Jesse and his fiancée Vesna spent a couple of days with us over the Thanksgiving holiday, and they brought Vesna's parents Ranko and Slavka with them. Vesna's parents are visiting from Serbia, and this is their first visit to the United States. My pawrents were wondering how we would communicate, because Ranko and Slavka don't speak English, and my Mommy and Daddy don't speak Serbian. But leave it to Lalo and me to bridge the language barrier. We got so much extra attention, and I understood every word: Vesna's parents were telling us how wonderful and beautiful we are! (We also learned that "Lalo" means "tulip" in Serbian! How funny is that?! I'm going to start calling my brofur Lalo "Tulip"! MOL!)

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