Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here's a Curly-fact: On May 10, 2008, I was in a cat show in Fresno, California. My female human isn't really big on cat shows, but she wanted to prove to my male human that I could win a ribbon, because he didn't believe it. Not to brag, but I won SIX blue ribbons (4 first-place and 2 second-place). So....Ha, ha, Daddy!


Wendy said...

Just dropped by... Congrat's to Curly!!!! You look so proud..


Curly said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for stopping by, all the way from Canada! And thanks for the congrats (or is that "conCATS"?)

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Concatulations to you and all those ribbons! It's very nice to meet you. We heard about your blog on the catblogosphere. It's a great bunch of kitties. Be sure to sign up.

Laila and Minchie