Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first blog entry

From my humble beginnings as a stray, getting beaten in fights with other animals, braving the elements, having to beg a few scraps of food from strangers in order to survive...I have arrived at having my own blog! This is truly a mange-to-riches story! (Well, okay...I never had mange; It's just a figure of speech.) Rather than risk redundancy, I will refer the reader to my web page (, where they can start at the bottom of my diary entries and work their way up, to follow my odyssey. I would like to encourage all cats to write to me with their inspirational stories of heroism and survival in the face of great odds. Or write to me about catching rats. It's all good.


Terry said...

Hi Curly! You are a TRUE superstar! I love your blog!
Much love,
your mother in law, Terry

Curly said...

Thank you, my dear mother-in-law! I am married to a superstar, my darling Lily!