Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Please vote "thumbs up" for my video!

Last year, my mom made a video of me playing with Daddy's jockey shorts and entered it in an online contest. Last October, I posted here in my blog that my video had made it to the semi-finals. Voting has been closed for awhile, but now it has reopened and I need all the help I can get from my furriends (and their hoomans) to make it into the finals! There are thirty finalists in the Yobi.TV "Laugh" category, and each week, the five videos with the least "thumbs up" votes will be eliminated. So I'm asking all of you again to please vote "thumbs up" for my video every week to help me stay in the running, and please tell a friend! Here is the link, and THANK YOU for your suppurrt!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, we like your mom's song, Little Brown Bottle."

Baby Patches Confessions of the Plume said...

You is so cute with those underwears! I will try to go votes for you now. Thanks for comings to sees my blog. I put your link under my cats who blog so I can comes visit.

Curly said...

My video was eliminated early on in the semifinals, but I want to thank efurryone who voted for me!