Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purrivacy, purrlease!

My fellow fur-furiends, have you ever noticed that one of the down-sides to being a cat is that we have very little purrivacy? In my house, at least we have covered litter boxes, but that's little consolation when Mommy walks by the box, sees my head sticking out, and makes a comment like "Oh, what a good boy!" Sheesh! What does she expect me to do? Hoomans can be so condescending.

I've heard my hoomans complain that my sisfur Rayna spends too much time hiding under the bed. They think she is "shy". Did it efur occur to them that purrhaps she is merely seeking a bit of purrivacy? I myself tend to not spend much time under the bed, as I enjoy getting attention much more than Rayna does. I just wish it could always be on my terms.

The picture above is a case in point. There I was, sitting on my dog's bed (as the dog lay on the floor), giving myself a nice bath, when along comes Mommy with the CAMERA! I heard the shutter click, and stared up at Mommy in horror, exclaiming "Oh no you DIDN'T!" But it was too late. She did.

I wonder if I could bribe the dog to help me move his bed under my pawrents' bed. Rayna may be on to something, after all.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We agree. Privacy please!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Curly, we miss you and hope you are all doing okay and having a MUCH happier year than you had in 2009.