Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fake kitties

My mom collects all kinds of cat stuff. That's not a big deal....so you walk into my house and see hundreds of ceramic cats, maybe a few made out of wood or glass, and you know they're fake. No big deal! (I purrsonally like my mom's decorating taste, although my uncle once told her that she's "eccentric", and sometimes Daddy complains about clutter.) What confuses me efurry now and then are the stuffed cats. They are usually about the size of a real cat (though not always), and they are furry, and sometimes....well..... I just have to challenge them! Of course, some of them are no problem...Toy Curly's head is so darned huge and out-of-proportion to his body that I just know he's a wannable kitty, and there are others that are so small that I don't perceive them as any threat. But then there are those like Mom's snow leopard that are just begging for a fight. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt by offering a friendly sniff, but if they ignore me, watch out! And what's really cool is I ALWAYS win! I guess they're too scared to fight back. Today I seriously kicked some snow leopard butt. That'll teach that fake kitty to ignore me when I'm talkin' to him. MOL!